Sign agreement

Experience our streamlined Six-Step Entrepreneurship Journey: "Propose" your startup story, vision, and unique selling points; "Create” a comprehensive business plan; “Formulate” equity allocation model; “Sign” entrepreneurship agreement; "Execute" with a focus on tracking milestones and adapting strategies; and "Spin Off" when ready to become an independent business unit. Let's collaborate for your success!

The Entrepreneurship Agreement establishes an arrangement between parties` intent to collaborate on a business venture. It outlines key provisions, including the development of a Business Plan, contributions from the Parties to make it financially viable, and the establishment of a for-profit entity upon achieving milestones. Equity distribution is based on contributions, and the Parties may permit additional individuals or entities to join. Disputes will be resolved through negotiation and arbitration. The agreement also covers intellectual property rights and various procedural details related to decision-making, costs, and dispute resolution. Amendments require written consent from all Parties.