Our Cloud Classic practice has over 25 years of experience in the planning, design, deployment and support of IT systems. We specialize in the compute, storage and networking offerings from the following technology providers.. 

Cloud Development

Cloud development services help clients develop and deploy applications hosted on the cloud leveraging node.js and php technologies. We professionally design, red...

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System Management

Effective management continues to be the key priority for most organizations, as cloud adoption continues to rise. To address this challenge, organizations choose different ways to manage their cloud ...
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CSM helps organizations augment security management by standardizing it around NIST. It helps Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover maturity of People, Processes & Technology of an organization, conduct risk assessment, create System Security Plan (SSP) and update Plan of Actions and Milestones on a quarterly basis.

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Herdomain is a non-profit working in South Asia and the Middle East to increase women's entry and advancement in the digital economy..We are committed to supporting women to earn a fair income, shape their communities and excel in their careers.


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Adnan is leading the Cloud Business Unit at SPS. He is responsible for business growth and taking advantage of the unprecedented opportunities available in cloud space. He also laid the foundation of four practices within the cloud group; Pubic Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, DevOps, and Cloud Classic. He is also providing leadership to Internal Business Process Automation and IT Operations for SPS.

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