Are you ready today for your event tomorrow? Our Event Services team helps you to execute a sleek and professional virtual event. We will understand your requirements, provide assistance to ensure all issues are resolved, and set you up for a successful virtual event. We enable you to effectively use the virtual technology, providing an economical, interactive, and better way for delivering your events to your global audience. Stress Less with SPS

Our Events Services

Events Services

When you need to hold remote classes, virtual meetings, or meet with your peers in a collaborative environment with minimal planning at a minimal cost....
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Virtual Platform Training

When you need to train your trainers on the features and functions of your Virtual Platform....
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Recording & Editing

In today’s resource-constrained world, your team, customers, or partners may not have the budget or time to physically attend scheduled corporate, training, or professional development events. Software Productivity Strategists can work with your team to ensure that critical events and materials are recorded and conveniently accessible to keep your team current....
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Stress Less with SPS

We strive to make our services essential to the success of our customers’ virtual workshops and learning and development programs. Over the past 18 years, we have supported our customers and have delivered top-notch services. We have experienced members that have been working in this field for over a decade.

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Our mission is to deliver compelling narratives, remarkable experiences, and outstanding results for our clients.