Financial institutions need to modernize to keep pace with challenging and changing times. Maintaining and exceeding ever-changing customer needs, real-time payments, regulatory requirements and cybersecurity risks at reduced cost requires a monumental shift. Business transformation built on extreme digitalization with new technologies like payments-as-a-service, AI, data and the cloud are pivotal.

SPS has been a trusted partner in the financial services industry for decades. Let us help you enhance your customer journey and build new revenue streams by utilizing the data you already have on an efficient, secure and agile cloud.

Our Solutions:

AI & Automation


Today’s Challenges

One-third of adults live with more than one chronic condition improving patient triage to determine and evaluate risk, reduce non-emergent office visits and remotely monitor patients addressing the surge in demand for self-care devices/solutions Shifting patients to lower-cost settings


Desired Outcomes

Decrease the risk of infection exposure for doctors, staff, and patients increase access for patients living in rural areas remotely monitor the vitals of post-surgery patients in real-time improve patient experience and care satisfaction reduce readmissions and overall healthcare cost


Use Case Summary

Telehealth represents the interactive, electronic exchange of information for the purpose of diagnosis, intervention, or ongoing care management between a patient and/or health care providers situated remotely average telehealth and RPM as a way to deliver acute, chronic, primary, and specialty care



Our Customers:

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