Cloud Pak for Data V3.x Administrator

Course Code: 17199
Duration: 13 Hours
Available Formats: SPS Instructor-Led Online

Start Date: 2021-05-01      End Date: 2021-07-31

Day Start Time End Time Virtual Sessions
Thursday 07:00 pm 08:00 pm Enablement Session

About Course

Learning Path 1

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Key Prerequisite Knowledge:
  • Working knowledge of installing and administering Cloud Pak for Data
  • Working knowledge of troubleshooting Cloud Pak for Data V3.x
  • Basic knowledge of core Cloud Pak for Data V3.x services and their components 
During exam development, the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) define all of the tasks, knowledge and experience that an individual would need in order to successfully fulfill their role with the product or solution. These are represented by the objectives below and the questions on the certification exam are based upon these objective.  
1 Cloud Pak for Data Planning & Installation                                                                                           16%
  1. Define the steps needed to prepare for an install of IBM Cloud Pak for Data and any associated services
  2. Define the configuration of the Red Hat OpenShift cluster nodes to support Cloud Pak for Data
  3. Describe which command line interface (CLI) tools are required for installing Cloud Pak for Data, where to obtain the CLI tools, and what the purpose is of each CLI tool set
  4. Ensure the correct rights and privileges are in place for the installation of the cluster and any additional service
  5. Install and run the Cloud Pak for Data and the related services 
2 Cloud Pak for Data Security and Configuration                                                                                           13%
  1. Explain the integration with security and monitoring related enterprise services
  2. Configure User Management
3 Cloud Pak for Data Platform Administration                                                                                           43%
  1. Define how to utilize the Monitoring and Logging capabilities available for the Cloud Pak for Data Platform 
  2. Define the capabilities of scaling services added to Cloud Pak for Data and instances for certain services
  3. Define the steps to manage IBM Cloud Pak for Data cluster resources
  4. Explain the different backup and restore approaches for IBM Cloud Pak for Data
  5. Setup multitenancy
  6. Perform individual service patching and upgrading
  7. Integrate with external data sources and data processors
  8. Manage Deployments using the Cloud Pak for Data UI
4 Troubleshooting                                                                                             28%
  1. Analyze logging to troubleshoot platform issues
  2. Troubleshoot common issues using OCP command-line capabilities
  3. Run a diagnostics job 

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