SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Part 2 (formerly HY410)

Course Code: C4H341V-v094
Duration: 3 Hours
Available Formats: Virtual
Date: 06-22-2021 - 06-24-2021

Time: 09:30 AM - 05:30 PM EST (UTC - 5)

Price: 2,454 USD - 3,237 CAD

About Course

Prerequisite Courses

  • Essential:
       -Intermediate knowledge in Java, Java EE concepts and patterns, and the Spring Framework
       -C4H340 Sap Commerce Cloud Developer Part 1
  • Recommended:

Skills Gained

  • This course will prepare you to:
       -understand the fundamental technical aspects of SAP Commerce Cloud (on-premise and cloud version)
       -understand how to code within SAP Commerce Cloud platform
       -provide configuration for the SAP Commerce Cloud platform back-end
       -know how to build and deploy your solution to the Cloud
       -understand how to use and work with some advanced features in SAP Commerce Cloud
       -know where to get additional information, best practices, and documentation for SAP Commerce Cloud

Who Can Benefit

  • Developer
  • Developer Consultant
  • Solution Architect
  • Technology Consultant

Course Details

Course Content
  • Overview
       -About this Course
       -SAP Commerce Platform & Accelerator
       -Review of SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Training – Part 1
       -Exercise How-To
       -(Exercise) Class Setup
  • Backoffice
       -Application Orchestrator
       -Custom Backoffice Extensions
       -Backoffice Configuration
       -(Exercise) Backoffice
  • WCMS & AddOns
       -JSP Structure
       -Accelerator AddOn
       -AddOn Architecture
       -(Exercise) WCMS AddOn
  • Personalization based on SmartEdit
       -Customer Experience Calculation
       -Users & Segments
       -Personalization of Content
       -Commerce Customizations
       -(Exercise) Personalization on SmartEdit
  • Search & Navigation
       -Adaptive Search
       -Adaptive Search in Backoffice
       -Enhanced Search Experience with Personalization
       -Server Setup
       -(Exercise) Search and Navigation
  • Promotions and Coupons
       -Promotions & Rule Engine
       -Promotions – A Business Users’ View
       -Promotions – A Technical Users’ View
       -Special OOTB Features
       -(Exercise) Promotions & Coupons
  • SAP Commerce Web Services
       -OCC Web Services
       -(Exercise) Omni Commerce Connect
  • CronJobs
       -Configuring CronJobs
       -CronJob Scripting
       -(Exercise) CronJobs
  • Workflows
       -Data Model
       -Working with Workflows
       -Automated Steps
       -(Exercise) Workflows
  • Event System
  • Process Engine
       -Architecture & Features
       -Creating a Process
       -Scripting Support
  • Orders
       -Cart & Checkout and Order Management
       -Cart & Checkout Module
       -Key Features
       -Warehouse Integration
       -Customer Services
       -(Exercise) Orders

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