NEPRA Security Regulations for IT & OT- 3 Days Refresher Workshop

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Hosted by Imran ur Rahman
Senior Consultant and Power Industry Leader

Date: Monday, November 28th to 30th, 2022

Time: USA 06:00 am To 07:00 am

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About Workshop

Software Productivity Strategists Inc. is pleased to offer 03 days refresher workshop (28th to 30th Nov) on NEPRA’s cybersecurity guidelines as per  SRO for IT & OT Cybersecurity regulations under NEPRA .

With very positive feedback on our October’ workshop on the NEPRA cybersecurity regulations, we got multiple requests to do a refresher workshop, so all those who couldn’t attend earlier can participate now. So, if you couldn’t either join us earlier or weren’t part of initial invitees list, this is a chance for a holistic refresher of our last month’s workshop.

The purpose of this workshop remains to:

  • Make the electric sector licensees / stakeholders aware of the regulations and help them being compliant to them.
  • Connect with these licensees / stakeholders to understand their Cybersecurity challenges and assist them with possible solutions.


Workshop Timing will be 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm Pakistan Time for each session and below topics shall be covered:


Establishing a Security Policy for IT & OT Assets


Establishing Security Controls -Implementation and Improvement


Conducting Risk Assessment / Vulnerability Assessment


Integrity Confidentiality and Availability of data


Monitoring Computer Incidents and Response


Awareness Trainings


Regulatory Reporting Requirement and Compliance


What will you get from the workshop?

Participants will get awareness about the cyber security regulatory requirements as per SRO for IT & OT Cybersecurity regulations under NEPRA  and shall be able to successfully take actions and implement the regulations for compliance.


Who should join?

Stakeholders from the electric sector and all licensees of NEPRA.


Workshop Registration