Why SPS?


  • Documented Catch Rates improve by over 70% over existing Fraud Detection models
  • The False Positives are typically reduced from and industry average of 15:1 to as little as 1:1
  • White-box Modeling allows Fraud Teams to assess impacts on Catch Rate and False Positives before integrating new algorithms
  • True AI enables building, testing, validating and deploying machine-learning models in days as opposed to months without reliance on the vendor
  • Monitor thousands of payments per second – proven in production enterprise-grade solution with 99.999% availability and high throughput
  • Protect multiple payment channels sharing data among them
  • Compliance with Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)


  • Safer Payments does not necessitate rip and replace. The solution can integrate with and augment existing fraud detection solutions without impacting operational efficiency
  • Safer Payments gives fraud analysts the power to update models on the fly with little reliance on vendor
  • Safer Payments applies machine learning to train existing models, and also to discover new rules that fraud analysts can quickly test and integrate into current fraud detection engine

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