QRadar Health check







Review of current architectural challenges, design, and licensing scheme.
Challenges with the existing architecture.
Challenges with scalability provided by the existing solution.

Following is a subset of our checklist:

  • Log source not sending logs
  • Search Efficiency missing
  • Lack of asset inventory and discovery
  • Fine tune expensive and global rules
  • Missing log verification and completeness
  • Unsupported log source
  • Lack of communication in integration and dismantling log source
  • Integration of SIEM with security Tools
  • Enforce and activate SLA
  • Compatibility with log source
  • Performance (CPU,RAM, services, Custom rule engine, Event collector)
  • Rules fine tune
  • Application integrations
  • Database integration
  • Creation of DSM
  • Insufficient policy and standard
  • Asset criticality
  • Flows is not sufficient
  • Criticality of service must be defined
  • No IP schema
1 day No Charge
Standard 2 week $ 5,000.00
Premium 4 weeks $ 10,000.00

Please send an email to security@spsnet.com with your specific challenges and requirements. 

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