Threat Simulator SaaS


No time to deploy and manage another tool? No problem.

Are you looking to improve security operations, but lacking the personnel to make it happen? We get that. When your team is fighting fires all day, it can be hard to imagine making time for anything else.

That's why we offer a full range of managed security operations services. Whether you're looking for monthly assessments or a one-time engagement, we can help you do all this and more:

  • Measure the effectiveness of your overall security posture.
  • Identify and fix vulnerable misconfigurations with actionable remediations.
  • Assess and troubleshoot specific tool deployments or threat vectors.
  • Improve SIEM efficiency by blocking up to 80% of malicious network traffic.



Security is never static. New cyber attacks are constantly emerging and misconfigurations are rampant. How do you take control of an ever-changing threat landscape?

The only way is to attack yourself before hackers can.

A breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform built on 20+ years of leadership in network security testing, Threat Simulator enables you to safely simulate attacks on your production network, identify gaps in coverage, and remediate potential vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

A central component of Keysight's Security Operations Suite, Threat Simulator enables you to do all this and more:

  • Safely emulate attacks on your production network.
  • Find and fix misconfigurations and gaps.
  • Measure security posture on a continuous basis.
  • Prove you're safer than you were yesterday.
  • Prevent past incidents and attacks from happening again.
  • Save money by maximizing existing security controls and processes before purchasing new tools.



Threat Simulator never interacts with your production servers or endpoints. Instead, it uses isolated software endpoints across your network to safely exercise your live security defenses. Dark Cloud, our malware and attack simulator, connects to these endpoints to test your security infrastructure by emulating the entire cyber kill chain — phishing, user behavior, malware transmission, infection, command and control, and lateral movement.



Knowledge is power. But without action, it's only a piece of the puzzle. Unfortunately, most tools will only help you find problems — they won't help you solve them.

With Threat Simulator, you'll always be a step ahead. Continuous, automated assessments make it easy to identify gaps, while a patented recommendation engine gives you the actionable intelligence you need to close them. Whether you need to deploy a new patch on your NGFW, enable a new functionality on your IPS, or install a new tool altogether, you get product-specific, step-by-step instructions to optimize your architecture and strengthen your cyber security defenses.



The world leader in application and security testing, our Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center keeps Threat Simulator updated with the latest threats. Our database contains more than 50 million records, and millions of new threats are analyzed and cataloged each month.

With continuous updates from our feed, you'll always be able to emulate the latest cyber security threats and attacks. But curtailing threats also means knowing your enemy. So, when you need to dive a little deeper, you can drill down on specific attacks to learn even more. From cyber attack signatures to evidence of malicious activity, our database makes it easy to leave no stone unturned.



Threat Simulator finds existing gaps in customers’ security defenses and provides step-by-step instructions on how to fill or remediate them. Threat Simulator complements costly “point in time” penetration (pen) testing and cyber range training with automated, ongoing, proactive attack simulation. “Self-hacking” uncovers misconfigurations, opportunities to optimize existing solutions, and areas needing additional tools or enhancements.

Use Cases:

  • Kill chain
  • Validating controls, configurations
  • Web application security
  • Compliance
  • IoT
  • Measuring ROI


  • Deploy/manage via the cloud
  • Automated self-hacking for continuous prevention
  • Agents deployed in the network, cloud, “dark” cloud
  • Simulates entire kill chain
  • No real malware hits the live network

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