Recording & Editing

When you need to capture training sessions, important events, meetings, or key procedures for future reference and on-demand replay…

In today’s resource-constrained world, your team, customers, or partners may not have the budget or time to physically attend scheduled corporate, training, or professional development events. Software Productivity Strategists can work with your team to ensure that critical events and materials are recorded and conveniently accessible to keep your team current. We will review techniques with your presenters to insure a quality recording. Recording files can then be produced to work with Smartphones, PDAs, or laptops – making it convenient for those who need to view them anywhere and at anytime.


Stress Less with SPS Recording & Editing Services.


Recording Services

Our Recording services can be used to create on-demand events that can be accessed when needed by learners. Some examples include:


Professional Development for Employees

Let us record your professional development events that are hosted throughout the year. These recordings can become a part of your company’s professional development library through integration in user communities, a learning management system or internal websites and can be accessed by new employees to learn best practices. Employees who have already attended these events have the option of replaying the presentation to review the content again at a more convenient time.


Training for Staff

By recording training events and making them available in a learning community, learning management system or internal websites for future replay, your company ensures that all staff – new or experienced – have access to required job training.


Employee Tasks & Procedures

Let us capture and integrate key employee tasks, processes and best practices into an online role-based learning community to retain institutional knowledge for future use, replication and innovation. This will enable your organization to continue providing the same quality of service in the absence of key employees.


Corporate Meetings & Events

Record any corporate event or activity for future replay to benefit people who were unable to attend or who simply want a refresher.


Editing Services

Our Editing staff can prepare your recording to give it just the right professional touch. Depending on your needs, you can request simple editing to create a clean, final recording or more advanced editing to add content, remove awkward periods of silence and speech disfluencies, or create indexes allowing users to jump to specific sections of the recording. Regardless of the level of editing service, you will be provided with a final recording that you will be proud to share.

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