Build cloud native apps

Modernize or build new?

In many cases, creating new applications is not necessary. Modernizing existing applications allows your business to leverage existing investments while benefiting from the flexibility and scalability of the cloud.

However, for some organizations, starting from scratch is easier than enhancing existing applications. Building net-new applications help you deliver the innovation that users demand without being tethered to previous iterations or decisions. Where should you start?

For the past 20 years, IBM has invested significantly in open source code, communities, and governance, including the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

With more than 20,000 Kubernetes clusters currently in production and running, IBM Cloud is built to deliver.

IBM Cloud provides one of the highest industry standards for data encryption and adheres to more than 30 compliance programs.




Containers Compute Databases

From container orchestration to observability, we have tools for every step of the container lifecycle.


Work seamlessly with Kubernetes without the need for infrastructure management on a truly serverless platform. Take advantage of a rich portfolio of SQL and NoSQL databases designed for transactional workloads, web and mobile apps, and blazing fast analytics.
Developer tools IBM Cloud Satellite™ Security
Pipeline and CLI tools deliver new updates, continuously and with higher quality. A consistent, on-demand, fully managed set of core application services run across your on-premises, edge, and public cloud environments. You're in complete control of market-leading data protection of data at rest, in motion, and in use.




Cloud-native applications in action

This tutorial walks you through the process of moving a VM-based application to a Kubernetes cluster using IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. It also includes concepts that explain how to containerize an existing application, then deploys it to a Kubernetes cluster.

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Learn the basics

Broaden your expertise around cloud-native technologies, concepts, and methods


woman standing writing on a white board man explaining containers woman and a diagram

A guide to cloud-native technologies

Explore cloud-native applications and how they drive innovation and speed within your enterprise.

Containers explained

Discover the importance of containers, their core benefits, and take a tour of the emerging ecosystem of related technologies.

DevOps: An essential guide

Learn about DevOps, its processes, and how it's an evolution of existing development models.


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