Help Desk and Incident Response Services

SPS provides remote Help Desk support, including device maintenance, monitoring, and production support for your network visibility architecture, as well as user-based identity and access incident response solutions.

SPS Help Desk and Incident Response Services

SPS takes the ownership of maintaining and monitoring your network packet brokers (NPB), bypass switches, and network TAPs. SPS will monitor and maintain packet processing advanced features and respond to advanced threat intelligence notifications and alerts when deployed.

Help Desk Support includes licensing and software updates, monitoring of logs and SNMP, first-level event response and troubleshooting, resolution, and escalation to your network infrastructure support service provider.

Additionally, SPS can help you minimize Help Desk and SOC expenses, and maximize your overall security, by deploying our MYID app. This allows your individual users to respond to incidents involving their identity, self-manage their user accounts, and benefit from context-aware training. 



Prime Shift - 8 Hr

Extended Prime Shift - 12 Hr

Full Time 24 x 7 Support

Help Desk Support

Help Desk Support services for your Visibility implementation




Remote Management & Monitoring

System Administration services for your Visibility implementation





MYID helps allows your individual employees to manage their corporate identity and respond to identity and access incidents themselves, through a secure, easy-to-use mobile application, allowing Help Desk and SOC resources to focus their attention on more complex use cases

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