Network Visibility Health Check - Health Check Standard Offering

SPS's Network Visibility Health Check Standard Offering will optimize reliability and performance of Keysight Visibility products. This service includes review of software vulnerabilities and management of the update process. Also included is a review and assessment of syslog and SNMP monitoring of Keysight devices.

The Network Visibility Health Check Standard Offering includes these activities:

Review your Keysight Network Visibility solutions support documentation and diagrams

  • Validate your Run Book for Keysight products 
  • Validate Keysight solutions’ support integration with other network / security devices
  • Validate Device serial nos. with vendor (Keysight)
  • Verify License Expiration Dates

Perform License file | Software Updates

  • Facilitate application of current license files, via internet or locally

Validate or Configure NTP, Syslog, SNMP

  • Simulate Events and Traps and verify external syslog and SNMP processing

Validate Other Global Settings

  • External / Local authentication
  • Filter Memory Allocation L2, L3, L4
  • Load Balance Settings

Provide Recommendations Summary and Details