Network Visibility Health Check - Configuration Review and Testing

SPS will review your network architecture and your network packet brokers and bypass switches design and configuration against evolving security monitoring and inspection requirements. SPS will assist you in deploying network test traffic to validate Keysight Visibility infrastructure design and performance.

The Network Visibility Health Check - Configuration Review and Testing offering includes these activities: 

Architecture Review

  • Validate cabling against network diagrams and documentation
  • Review and verify traffic identified (networks, devices, hosts) to be monitored / inspected
  • Verify Tools: OOB Full-Term, OOB On-Demand, & Inline (malware detection, Data Loss Prevention, WAF, intrusion detection, etc.)
  • Review external SSL decryption requirements and service (active or passive)

Network Packet Broker (NPB) Configuration Validation

  • Validate network packet broker network service ports, tool service ports, and port groups configurations
  • Validate filtering and load balancing configuration against monitoring/inspection requirements
  • Validate Inline Settings: Priority-based packet filtering, High Availability (HA), etc.
  • Validate Out-of-Band Settings: Ixia Fabric Controller (IFC) configuration validation - controller nodes, fabric nodes, Interconnect Port Groups configuration and capacity, etc.

Design and Generate Test Traffic

  • Introduce Keysight Test tools and services
  • Identify test traffic to be injected into customer environment (security spoofs, etc.)
  • Inline Testing: Formulate test plan for inline production traffic

Manage Change Maintenance Windows

  • Validate injected traffic to NPB Tool ports
  • Validate injected inline traffic to Inline tools and its return to the network
  • Validate Directional integrity of inspections
  • High Availability (HA) failover validation 

Provide Post-Testing Recommendations Summary and Details

Provide Basic End User Training

  • Provide configuration guides, and best-practices concerning Keysight Infrastructure
  • Advanced end user training is offered for an additional charge