Assessment - ISO 27001 Assessment

Conducting an internal ISO 27001 audit enables you to assess your company's security equipment, systems, protocols and procedures to ensure that they are in compliance with industry standards.

An ISO 27001 gap analysis provides a high-level overview and analysis of requirements to be fulfilled to achieve compliance and certification. This gap analysis also exhibits organization's existing compliance posture against the requirements of ISO 27001. Being compliant with ISO 27001 enables organizations to provide information security assurance to its key stakeholders. Being ISO 27001 complied reduces the likelihood and impact of critical data breaches. SPS provides a pathway to implement people-based, process-based and technological controls in your organization to fill information security gaps. This exercise enables organizations to build a robust and tailored Information Security Management System (ISMS) to cater their information security needs. Our methodical approach enables organization to obtain and maintain ISO 27001 certification easily and quickly. Our ISO 27001 Gap Analysis Service is coupled with Vulnerability Assessment Service, Penetration Testing Service, Security Operations Center (SOC) Services and ISO 27001 Internal Audit services.