Keysight IxLoad Training

Talk to SPS about Keysight Training on Keysight's IxLoad Data Test Solution. In today’s highly competitive landscape, organizations must meet stringent network quality requirements to deliver the best customer experience. However, a widening array of applications and an increasing number of users, is making it harder—and more expensive—than ever to ensure high-quality end-user experience across converged multiplay services and application delivery platforms. Keysight’s IxLoad Data Test Solution delivers the industry’s most scalable and flexible solution for testing high-performance application-aware devices and networks. Network operators now have the means to measure independent- and multi-protocol performance, session capacity, and transaction latencies of applications and data center infrastructures in a single integrated platform.


·      Rollout new web, email, database, and storage services with confidence

·      Application performance testing with HTTP/3 over IETF QUIC (RFC 9000)

·      Quickly resolve performance and security issues with comprehensive analytics

·      Minimize post-production issues and improve QoE by validating in the lab

·      Automate end-to-end with REST and other APIs to meet automation and orchestration requirements

·      Reduce test time and learning curve with library of

·      pre-built test cases and call flows

·      Evaluate security effectiveness, detection accuracy, and service availability with DDoS simulations and a library of published vulnerabilities and malware