Migrate VMware Workload to Cloud

IBM Cloud for VMWare Solutions brings together IBM Cloud infrastructure and services, VMware technologies, and other Partner solutions to make it easy to move workloads from on-premises to the IBM Cloud. Clients can migrate VMware workloads to the cloud and then modernize them overtime at their own pace.

Cloud development refers to the process of creating, deploying, and managing applications, services, and infrastructure in cloud computing environments. In the context of IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, cloud development encompasses leveraging IBM Cloud infrastructure, VMware technologies, and partner solutions to facilitate the migration and modernization of workloads.

Cloud development offers numerous benefits, including scalability, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and enhanced security. By embracing cloud development through IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, clients can leverage these advantages to streamline their operations, improve resource utilization, and stay competitive in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Our approach to cloud development with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions is centered on a comprehensive and collaborative strategy. We work closely with clients to assess their existing VMware workloads, design tailored migration and modernization plans, and implement solutions that align with their business objectives and IT requirements.

Our methodology for cloud development encompasses a phased approach that includes assessment, planning, migration, modernization, and ongoing optimization. We follow industry best practices and leverage automation tools to ensure a smooth transition of VMware workloads to the IBM Cloud while optimizing performance and cost-effectiveness.

The activities involved in cloud development with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions vary based on the complexity and scale of the migration and modernization efforts. Typically, the duration of these activities depends on factors such as workload size, data transfer requirements, application dependencies, and client-specific timelines.

The outcomes of cloud development with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions include successful migration of VMware workloads to the cloud, improved operational efficiency, enhanced scalability, modernized applications and services, and alignment with industry standards and compliance requirements. Our deliverables include detailed migration plans, performance reports, and ongoing support for optimized cloud operations.


Name Of Service Type Description Price
Architecture Review Basic Architecture review and recommendations No Charge
Migration Services Basic Initial Analysis, discovery, and design up to 40 hours No Charge
Time & Material Additional design and deployment on IBM Cloud infrastructure. USD: 190/hour for US Resources ,USD:  60/hour for Offshore Resources