Automated Vulnerability Scanning:


VulScan is purpose-built for MSPs and for IT Departments that handle their own IT security.

It has all the features you need for both internal and external vulnerability management, but without all the complexity found in older solutions.

Best of all, VulScan is priced so that cost is no longer a barrier to scanning as many assets as you need, as frequently as you want. That’s why our slogan is “Vulnerability Management For The Rest of Us!


VulScan is Complete



You get all the features you need to effectively harden your entire IT environment without all the complexity.VulScan makes it easy to perform both internal and external scans.

You decide when to scan, how frequently to scan, and which devices to scan.Results are available immediate upon scan completion via a convenient online dashboard, or sent to anyone you want via email




Set up VulScan once, and it does the work for you.

  • It detects the issues.
  • It delivers the information you need to prioritize remediation.
  • It can create service tickets in your PSA.
  • It generates alerts
  • It can even tell you how to fix what it discovers
That means you don’t need more staff to keep up with new threats.

VulScan is Price Automated




VulScan is Price Right



We don’t charge you for expensive appliances that you don’t need. VulScan is priced so you can deploy as many scanners as you need to cover your entire network, and they work together to speed up the data collection process.
And you’ll save more money by reducing labor wasted on chasing false positive results. The built-in exclusion tools let you flag any issues that you have remediated or are aware of and don’t need additional notifications.

If you already perform vulnerability scanning with another product, chances are good that a switch to VulScan will save you 30% or more in software and appliance licensing fees!



How it Works

VulScan is an affordable cloud-based vulnerability management platform. It includes the software needed to spin up an unlimited number of virtual network scanner appliances using Hyper-V or VMWare, and a cloud-based portal to control the scanners and manage the discovered issues.


For internal network scanning, the appliances can be installed on any existing computer that has excess capacity on the network, or installed on a dedicated box to be permanently installed. You can add multiple scanners and configure them each to scan separate parts of the network to get even faster results pushed into the same client site dashboard at no additional cost.


For external scanning, the appliances are installed on the MSP’s data center or other remote location and “pointed” to the public facing IP addresses of the target network.


Uses For MSPs and IT Pros


VulScan goes beyond basic vulnerability scanning. It helps MSPs develop new revenue streams, and helps internal IT professionals improve security without breaking the budget.

Create revenue opportunities and/or justify your IT spend by adding vulnerability scanning to your IT security routineStay “front and center” with your network security program by providing monthly updates to your clients or executive team.

Differentiate yourself from your peers and competitors by offering enhanced cyber security services when others don’t


Survey Results

We surveyed thousands of MSPs and hundreds of Internal IT Pros to learn how many actually perform vulnerability scans, how frequently they do it, and why. The results aren’t surprising and are shared by both MSPs and multi-functional IT professionals who handle IT security in-house. In both cases, the survey highlights the need for regular, affordable vulnerability scanning delivered by Vulscan.