FOR MSPs Turn IT Data Into Dollars​


Network Detective Pro helps MSPs make more money by demonstrating the value of your services to new and existing clients.


  • Wow prospects with jaw-dropping risk reports

  • Discover the chaos before you commit to a new engagement

  • ​Find new billable users and assets added to any network

  • Identify equipment that needs paid upgrades

  • Show your clients why you’re worth every penny you charge.

FOR IT Departments Fast & Easy IT Assessments


Network Detective Pro gives you the enhanced network visibility you need to discover, resolve and report on every issue and risk.


  • Get greater control over your IT environment â€‹

  • Trouble-shoot issues faster

  • Keep focused on most important risks & issues

  • Get expert guidance when and where you need it

  • Generate the reports you need with the click of a mouse button


Feast or Famine: The Data Dilemma For Every IT Professional


Whether you manage your own IT environment or do it for others, you need to solve the data dilemma:

  • Too little information and you’ll miss critical risks and defects that can take you down.
  • Too much information and you’ll drown in a torrent of meaningless data that burns resources without solving anything.

Network Detective Pro’s unique architecture automates data collection through a variety of built-in tools – non-intrusive network data collectors, lightweight discovery agents, cloud data — and does the heavy lifting to turn disorganized data into meaningful – and actionable – output.


Be in-the-know with Network Detective Pro.


You don’t know what you don’t know. Performing on-going IT assessments and reporting is the at the core of every cybersecurity framework, and the only way to stay on top of risks and issues in ever-changing IT environments.

Network Detective Pro automatically collects a massive amount of network, cloud, asset and user data on a scheduled basis. The data is then immediately analyzed, filtered and instantly delivered through online dashboards, and can be presented in more than 100 different reports based on what you need to know and show.


See Your Data, Your Way


Sometimes you just need everything neatly organized and documented in case of an emergency or audit.

Sometimes you need the technical deets to quickly solve a problem

Sometimes you need summary reports that non-technical folks will understand.

Whatever you need, Network Detective Pro has it!


Slice IT. Dice IT. Anyway You Want to Present IT.


No matter how you want to slice IT, dice IT, and present IT . . . we have a report for you.

  • Prospecting Reports
  • Executive Summary Reports
  • Risk Assessment Reports
  • Management Plans
  • Business Reviews
  • Full Technical Detail Reports

You decide which reports you need, when you need them, and where you want them sent – and Network Detective Pro automatically delivers.


Completely Automated IT Assessments


 Integrates with all Leading PSA Tools


Brandable and Customizable Report Generator


Customizable Risk Scoring



IT Assessment & Reporting Solution For IT Professionals



Collects detailed information on every asset, including those not physically connected to the network.Identifies all risks from misconfigurations, network vulnerabilities and user threats.Supports all environments, from on-prem, to remote, to cloud, to work-from-home.



Collects data on your schedule and sends it wherever you wantUpdates online dashboard and data feedsGenerates service tickets for issues that need attentionDelivers Instant reports and remediation plans fully-branded and ready to present.



Profit Fuel for MSPs to drive more revenue.Budget Fuel for IT Departments by reducing risk and improving internal service delivery.