Find your way to the attack

Organizations have done a good job of finding and fixing known vulnerabilities on managed organizational assets. But the rapid adoption of hybrid cloud models and the permanent support of a remote workforce have made it near impossible for security teams to manage the expansion of the enterprise attack surface.   IBM Security® Randori Recon uses a continuous, accurate discovery process to uncover shadow IT, and gets you on target quickly with correlated, factual findings that are based on adversarial temptation. The streamlined workflows improve your overall resiliency through integrations with your existing security ecosystem.  


Why Randori


Forrester Consulting recently conducted a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study of IBM Security Randori. The 2023 IBM-commissioned study found several benefits, including:



303% return on investment over 3 years



90% fewer hours of vulnerability scanning per year



85% reduction in losses due to external attack




Eliminate shadow IT

Identify externally exposed cloud or on-premises assets and reduce blind spots.

Understand your shadow risk

Gain the insight you need to make informed risk decisions.

Prioritize your risk

Discover attack patterns and techniques that are more likely to be exploited by a real-world attacker.



Black box discovery

This approach identifies your exposed enterprise assets in a high fidelity and low impact manner and is designed for low false positives to keep your signal-to-noise ratio under control.


Discovery path

Act on newly identified assets without additional research by showing how a particular asset was located on the perimeter.


Target temptation

Prioritize your enterprise's targets with our model that gets you on track quickly with the adversarial insights you need to determine impact and risk.



Categorical guidance

Improve your cyber resilience by implementing remediation best practices across your infrastructure with adversarial insights.