The hybrid IBM Power solution you’ve been waiting for

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IBM Power Systems clients who have typically relied upon on-premises-only infrastructure can now quickly and economically extend their Power IT resources onto IBM Power Systems Virtual Server.

Avoid the large capital expense or added risk when migrating your essential workloads. 

IBM Power Systems Virtual Server are colocated and connected with IBM Cloud, integrating your IBM AIX and IBM I capabilities.

That means you get fast, self-service provisioning, flexible management both on-premises and off-premises, and access to a stack of enterprise IBM Cloud services — all with pay-as-you-use billing that lets you easily scale up and out.


How can IBM Power Systems Virtual Server help you?

Grow at your own pace

Extend your Power workloads onto IBM Power Systems Virtual Server without heavy upfront costs. Help keep budgets under control with transparent pricing and pay-as-you-use billing.

Run your workloads when and where you want

Bring more capacity to your Power infrastructure — on-demand, within minutes. Stay competitive and agile with flexible management both on premises and off premises.

Choose your deployment

Select your system and customize cores, storage, network, OS and more. Let the IBM team fully manage it for you or opt for a self-service model.

What problems can you solve with IBM Power Systems Virtual Server?

Data copy

Secure a disaster-recovery-as-a-service site on IBM Power Systems Virtual Server. Help ensure your mission-critical applications, systems of records, IBM Db2® transactions or ERP/CRM plans remain resilient with off-site, high-availability resources.

Development and testing

Help reduce costs with pay-as-you-use billing to accommodate the transient nature of development and testing environments. Begin projects without large, capital budget approvals, run multiple tests simultaneously, and spin up or down as needed.

Resource scaling

Bring more capacity to on-premises infrastructure when required. Take advantage of virtual server resources and pay-as-you-use to help deliver peak operational performance and Opex savings.

Customer support

Work through non-production tasks in parallel to production environments. Troubleshoot, replicate and help resolve issues faster by using a virtually constant supply of LPARs for staging.


Connect to cloud-native services and architectural patterns to help transform business models, including web applications, DevOps and Db2 workloads. Help drive mobility through modernization.

Access to AI

Connect your IBM Power Systems workloads to IBM Watson®. Help improve decisions based on real-time trends. Build truly cognitive applications quickly and more securely.

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