The Value of the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

With a Red Hat subscription, you get certified content from our robust partner ecosystem; added security, reporting, and analytics; and life cycle technical support to scale automation across your organization. And you’ll get expert knowledge gained from our success with thousands of customers.


Cloud deployment options

The flexibility of the Ansible Automation Platform starts with where you deploy it. Now you can get Ansible Automation Platform as a managed application on Microsoft Azure or a self-managed offering via the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace or the Google Cloud Marketplace. They run on your cloud, with support from Red Hat. And billing is integrated with your cloud provider so you get 1 bill—and credit toward your committed spend. We also offer self-managed options for on-premise and cloud locations so you can purchase the Ansible Automation Platform from Red Hat and deploy it in your cloud or in your data center.



Mitigate risk

Security is a differentiator with the Ansible Automation Platform. You gain:

  • An enterprise-hardened platform with 24x7 support.
  • Performance testing and bug fixes.
  • Development practices with added security.

Return on investment

According to  research from IDC, customers using the Ansible Automation Platform could see:

  • An enterprise-hardened platform with 24x7 support.
  • Performance testing and bug fixes.
  • Development practices with added security.

Accelerate automation with confidence

Ansible Automation Platform offers powerful features and enterprise support to extend your investment. Remove organizational barriers and accelerate your automation.

Benefit from a strong customer base

Ansible Automation Platform is trusted by more than 3,000 global customers across every industry.


Trusted tools for collaborative automation


Create and share

With  Event-Driven Ansible, you can automate IT actions with user-defined, rule-based constructs and create end-to-end automated scenarios for use cases across the IT landscape.

Ansible Content Collections let you reuse code to automate faster. The collections contain Red Hat Ansible Certified Content and Ansible validated content—from Red Hat and more than 60 trusted partners. 

Ansible content tools  help developers create consistent code, streamlining the building and deployment of execution environments to speed development cycles and realize value quicker. 

Automation execution environments are container images used to execute Ansible Playbooks and roles. 

With the Ansible automation hub, you can find, download, and share supported collections. And  private automation hub  lets you create a curated library of automation content for internal teams to share.



Manage and measure

The automation controller  is a centralized management tool to manage inventory, launch and schedule workflows, track changes, and integrate reporting with a centralized user interface. 

Ansible Automation Platform’s trusted supply chain offers enhanced security and compliance. 

Automation analytics and Red Hat Insights for the Ansible Automation Platform  provide rich reporting and advanced analytics to optimize your automation, proactively identify potential issues, mitigate vulnerabilities, and improve resolution times.


Scale up and out

With  automation mesh, you can scale the automation of large inventories across diverse network topologies, platforms, and regions. Flexible design options help you deliver automation across physical and virtual data centers,  hybrid cloud environments, and  edge locations, localizing automation execution to improve network performance. It helps your organization operate on a global scale.

How our customers use Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform


Crédit Agricole Group scaled automation across tens of thousands of servers, achieving a return on investment in just 1 year.

Cepsa saved work hours, improved response times, and enhanced IT security by making automation the core of its innovation strategy.

Blue Cross NC created an automated, adaptable IT environment, saving 70,000 work hours and more than US$850,000.

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