About the System: 

The guardian angel for your children, now in your pocket. Watch over is a GPS tracker in the form of a kids watch that lets you locate your children through a smart phone app. It’s smart, affordable and getting started is as easy as a breeze. It is a first-of-its-kind IoT solution that won top honors at the AVNET bluemix with IBM watson hackathon. (*year of hackathon, unknown). 


Competing in a global IBM® Watson® Developer Cloud hackathon challenge, Software Productivity Strategists Inc. developed an Internet of Things tracking solution for caregivers. The platform runs in an IBM Bluemix® environment and incorporates the IBM Watson Discovery News Service to assess news content and provide critical alerts.  


Tracking the whereabouts of children is becoming essential for parents these days. Parents with children who are old enough to own a smartphone can have them text back or call them if they want to check up on them. But what about younger children who don’t own a smartphone? It is more essential to have a tracker for young children who are more prone to getting out of sight. Any parent who’s frantically searched for a lost child will likely see the appeal of trackers. 

That’s where Watch Over comes in. It’s like a guardian angel for children between the ages of two and 10. Watch Over is a GPS tracker in a watch that enables parents to locate children through a smartphone app. 


Watch Over was developed by Simorgh-SPS using IBM Cloud, incorporating the Watson Alchemy Data News API. The back end is a node.js app hosted on IBM Cloud, using the Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation and the Geo-Spatial Analytics service. The application shows the current location of the children on a Google Map, but it does not require constant monitoring. Parents create a boundary using geo-fences and receive a push notification when a child crosses a boundary. Watch Over also filters news from sources all over the world and notifies parents in real time if something occurs that might have an impact on their children. 


Watch Over was a part of a 19-day global, Avnet-sponsored virtual hackathon. A platform that would enable it to quickly build a system that includes an IoT device, a back-end app using cognitive algorithms to analyze unstructured data and a mobile app. The application was hosted on IBM Cloud. SPS won the hackathon, beating 100 other contestants. Video link to product.  






Results : 

Track children, pets, vehicles sitting anywhere else in the world 

Geo fencing - No need for constant supervision  

Keep in touch via phone calls (both ways) 

Emergency alerts from watch to smart phone  

Monitor local news for updates on any prevalent threats, disasters 

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