Prove HIPAA and HITECH compliance, identify threats quickly, and securely transform your business

If you’re a healthcare provider, insurance, pharmaceutical or technology company, SPS Security can help you establish a security immune system to safeguard your business. We can help you avoid costly fines for compliance violations and loss of patient confidence after a breach. And securely move you to the cloud with tools to encrypt and protect your sensitive images and electronic medical records (EMRs).

With ever-increasing databases of incident logs and events, using IBM Watson™ for Cybersecurity can help you prepare for the worst and reduce risk with automated response tools. SPS Security can help protect patient data on mobile devices, identify and monitor endpoints and connected devices in your facility, and mitigate ransomware and phishing impacts as they happen.


Healthcare organizations need to utilize and protect an increasing amount of sensitive electronic medical record (EMR) data that has become highly lucrative to cybercriminals. SPS’s security portfolio allows CISOs to monitor and optimize existing applications, adding intelligence to stay current with emerging threats like WannaCry ransomware attacks.

How it Works

With exponentially more cyber-attacks every year, health care organizations must stay current with new technology against emerging threats. Today’s AI helps you conduct threat intelligence up to 60X faster. Cloud solutions can save costs compared to on premise solutions and improve compliance with HIPPA. Bad actors on the dark web already collaborate-- now is the time for the good guys to share insights and protect their environments through open solutions enabled by the cloud.

How you can Benefit

  1. Practice good hygiene - Good security demands good cyber hygiene, practices that prevent breaches. Benefit from a single view of your environment to monitor endpoints.
  2. Get smart - Learn from over 15B daily incidents and 80K security documents read daily.
  3. Protect sensitive data - Understand who is accessing sensitive data, predict threats and stop data loss.

Do You Know Where Your Healthcare System is Vulnerable?

Stay clean, practice good hygiene: Spot internal and external threats that demand good cyber hygiene, practices that help prevent breaches and other incidents.

Building a Secure Healthcare System: A Hospital's Immune System in Action

Healthcare data is lucrative, and breaches are costly across all industries due to the ever-increasing number of targeted attacks. Organizations can’t rely on past experience – and past threats – to ensure patients and patient data are secure against emerging threats. How do CISOs keep up with uncertain threat landscape? How can they train their staff to uphold security practices?

IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson identifies Poison Ivy malware

The volume of threat data is exceeding the capacity of even the most skilled security professional, and organizations are drowning in a sea of information that continues to grow as rapidly as the threat landscape itself. When organizations see over 200K security events every day and don’t have the skills to stay ahead, where do you turn? IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson combines the cognitive capabilities of Watson and the industry leading QRadar Security Analytics Platform to help security analysts uncover hidden threats and automate insights to respond to threats at unprecedented speed and scale.