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Fundamentals of Oil and Gas

The course will serve as an orientation to the oil and gas industry. It will explain the jargon used in the industry, the disciplines involved in exploring and producing oil and gas, and how oil reserves make it to the end consumer. This includes exploring for oil and gas, drilling for oil and gas, field development, production, processing of the products, transportation, storage, and sale. The co...
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Skill Development

SPS uses digital badging to recognize and document what you know, what you can do, and what you have mastered to instill greater purpose and value for your learning and skill achievements....
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Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of oil and gas drilling engineering concepts and day-to-day operations. It elaborates on drilling terminologies commonly used in drilling operations, rig equipment and their functions. If you're new to drilling, and looking for a comprehensive overview of how it all really works, the brand-new course is designed with you in mind. If...
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Drill String Design

The course is designed for drilling operational staff and drilling engineers. The course provides a comprehensive treatment of drill string design, downhole drilling dynamics and the avoidance of operational problems and wear on equipment following the API recommended practices for design and operating limitations as well as the standard DS1 for design and inspection. The course starts with refres...
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Drilling Hydraulics

The course is designed for drilling operational staff and drilling engineers. The objective of the course is to determine subsurface wellbore pressures during drilling operations under static and dynamic conditions. It starts with a calculation of hydrostatic pressure using high school mathematical equations and physical laws governing fluid dynamics. After refreshing basic concepts, the course ex...
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Stuck Pipe Prevention

The course is designed with the simple phrase in mind: “Prevention is Better than Cure”. The course provides a comprehensive understanding of three stuck pipe mechanisms, causes leading to each mechanism, and recognition of warning signs. Participants will learn how to perform the trend analysis and learn to “listen to the well” by understanding the “language of the well”....
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