Managed Security Services

SPS Managed Security Services are powered by our Cognitive Security Management Platform which facilitates adoption of the NIST Cyber Security Framework for technology management, NICE Framework for human resource enablement and the Open Group Information Security Management Maturity Model (O-ISM3) to facilitate and track process improvement.


Starting at $950/month

In this Service, our Virtual CISO will create a Security strategic plan in collaboration with your Executive sponsor and meet monthly or quarterly to execute the security management roadmap by identifying and assessing:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Technology

so, the organization can detect, respond and recover from potential security threats.

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Security Management-as-a-Service

Starting at $2950/month

Meet with Operational Managers or Designated Service Contacts (DSCs) to:

  • Discover:
    • Validate existing assets in the category and add or remove based on any configuration changes.
    • Update Asset Profiles in the SIEM system to capture any changes in the system usage
    • Review existing and emerging threats and their impact on the asset category
  • ...
  • Assess:
    • Review vulnerability results of the asset category and create a remediation plan.
    • Review offenses and create rules to minimize dashboard clutter
    • Review Incidents from last month and refine incident creation and escalation policy
  • Recommend:
    • Rules to reduce offense clutter in the dashboard
    • Log source type security requirements and policy to improve asset protection

Meet with Tactical Managers or Authorized Security Contacts (ASCs) to provide:

  • Explain recommendations for each DSC
  • Approval to implement
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Starting at $4,950/month

The 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors alerts and initiates notifications as agreed upon with the asset category stakeholders.

  • Collect logs, flows & vulnerabilities into a SIEM system
  • Continuously monitor offenses & identify threats
  • Create incidents and open trouble tickets
  • Notify stakeholders
  • Manage incident investigation and escalation
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