training your security team on the world's leading cyber range is the only way to ensure your security team is fully prepared.

Cloud Range leverages the most widely deployed cybersecurity training and simulation platform in the world to allow cybersecurity teams to experience training in a fast-paced, real-world simulated environment while using industry-leading security technologies.

Cloud Range maximizes your cybersecurity team's performance by providing hyper-realistic training, customized to simulate your actual technical infrastructure and environment.

Cloud Range delivers onsite or virtual simulation training led by our world-class instructors in our customers' own training facilities or via remote access no matter where your SOC team members are in the world.

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Hosted Cyber Range

In order to train in a real-world environment, Cloud Ranges provides the world’s only simulation experience that uses real industry tools in a customized, virtual environment.

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SOC Team & Individual Training

SOC Analyst Teams to practice and hone their skills in a safe and controlled environment where scenarios can be custom-built to reflect attacks that teams have faced or fear they will face in future.

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OT Training

The SCADA modules for Cloud Range’s OT Training allows training on real life attacks on SCADA/ICS environment while “feeling” the actual effect on the real-life machinery.

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Cyber Readiness Assessments

Cloud Range’s Cyber Readiness Assessments are not only for IT professionals, but also company executives. These assessments evaluate your organization’s cyber readiness under all implications.

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SOC Analyst Candidate

As you’re evaluating SOC Analyst Candidates, our assessment tool will objectively determine a candidate’s qualifications, practical skills, and overall experience and readiness as a cybersecurity professional.

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Red Team/Blue Team Exercises

As part of Cloud Range evaluation and training, trainees on a Red Team build and launch cyber attacks, which trainees on the Blue Team defend against.

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Capture-The-Flag Events

Cloud Range’s Capture-the-Flag module allows you to add a dimension of gamification and competition to training, thus keeping exercises exciting and fresh.

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Cyber Awareness Training

Beyond the SOC team, your cyber range should be able to offer custom cybersecurity training sessions for every member of the IT and R&D in your organization.

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