Keysight Network Visibility Products - Professional Services


Keysight Technologies is a leading multifaceted technology company that excels in Testing and Validation solutions and in Visibility and Network Security products and services.

While not necessarily a household name, Keysight is highly respected within the cyber security field. Keysight's products and services are used by EVERY ONE of the top 25 cyber security and telecommunications corporations worldwide. Since December, 2018, Keysight has been a leading player the support of 5G device acceptance test plans as mandated by US carriers, helping to accelerate the roll-out of 5G new radio services in both non-standalone and standalone mode.

The SPS Keysight Practice focuses on the Keysight’s Visibility and Network Security product lines. Professional Service Offerings include:

  • Architecting and Designing InLine Solutions
    • ByPass Switches
    • Packet Brokers
    • Taps
  • Deployment and Integration
  • Best Practice Consultation for "Day 2" Operations
  • On-demand Support and Troubleshooting services
  • Help Desk Services
    • 24 x 7
    • Custom Options

The SPS Team is uniquely positioned. The SPS Team may work independently, or in conjunction with Keysight's own Technical Support organization to provide pragmatic solutions to our clients' most challenging scenarios. 

Use Cases

Over time, threats have grown in scale and complexity. Most banks now have a portfolio of security tools to address specific issues. These typically include Firewall, Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Decryption/Encryption devices. Individually, these solutions may be effective. In tandem, the associated complexities can create internal inconsistencies that impact availability and performance. Keysight/Ixia offers an elegant solution - the Inline Security Framework Deployment - that manages the inherent complexities. Architecting and implementing this solution is both an art and a science.


SPS has assembled a team of Senior Keysight/Ixia Architects to assist with the most complex implementations. Recognized in the industry, our team works both independently and in conjunction with Keysight Professional Services to ensure smooth and effective Inline deployment, as well as post-implementation support.

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