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As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to redefine the way higher education fulfills its mission to students, faculty, and administrative staff and amidst many new priorities and distractions, there is an increased level of risk related to cybercrime. Cyber criminals are capitalizing on the need for your students, faculty, and administrative staff to work from home or in other places where the level and type of data security protections present on campus are currently not available

This risk is particularly acute for your end users who, while working from home or from less secure locations, exercise privileged access to networks and systems transmitting, processing, or storing sensitive information. Cyber criminals have many different ways of taking over these accounts and using their privileged access credentials to compromise your security.If that happens, the financial penalties and reputational damage to your mission and organization could be significant.

Join us on October 6th to learn how IBM Security Privileged Access Manager addresses four key best practices for securing the remote workplace:

  • A secure central vault accessible from anywhere stores the credentials for privileged access,
  • Automated password creation and rotation reduces the incidence of sharing and reusing passwords,
  • Monitoring and managing user sessions increases visibility and oversight into remote workers actions,
  • Enforcement of least privileged access on remote workstations and laptops can prevent security incidents and reduce their escalation

Nayab Akbar

Cyber Security Solutions Advisor
Software Productivity Strategists, Inc. (SPS)

IBM Security Consultant, Deployment Professional and an IBM training Instructor with over 9 years of experience in the domain of Cyber Security and Identity and Access Management solutions.

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