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The global, catastrophic impact of the coronavirus pandemic has underlined the critical importance of optimizing the biotech industry’s response to the threat of new disease. As we identify new disease threats, what are the optimal methods of combatting their spread and adverse impacts? Given the attributes and behaviors of a disease, what are the best methods for “flattening the curve?”.

Based on what we have learned so far from this pandemic, there is every reason to believe that we will continue to face these types of challenges in the future. Bill Gates among many others predicted that our lack of preparedness for a pandemic could result in this level of impact on our longevity and quality of life. Optimizing these efforts requires a partnership between the biotech industry and the technology industry. The biotech industry must use new technologies that will accelerate discovery of effective treatment innovations and result in affordable and profitable solutions to combat disease.

This webinar presents an overview of how to optimize drug and vaccine discovery using AI and Machine Learning. By registering for and attending this webinar, your organization also will qualify for a free assessment of your current application of these technologies to your drug and vaccine discovery efforts and how the latest AI and Machine Learning technologies can further benefit your own research and development programs.

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Gene Willard


Gene Willard spent the last fifteen years of his thirty-five year IT career as a CIO / CTO / and CISO. His experience in leading the development of applications making use of predictive/prescriptive analytics and artificial intelligence dates back to 1985 and spans several use cases including marketing automation, inventory management, revenue management, fraud detection, and call center operations. Gene currently is serving as a Fractional / Virtual CTO for SMB firms.