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Enhance your Power Systems environment by leveraging IBM's public cloud for greater flexibility and operational efficiency.

If you have relied on IBM i or AIX operating systems for their trusted security and performance capabilities but have historically been tied to on-premises environments for this value, here is your opportunity to scale that value into IBM’s public cloud which offers a scalable, cost-effective way to run your IBM AIX and IBM i workloads.

The IBM Power Systems Virtual Server on IBM Cloud enables clients to provision AIX or IBM i instances in the cloud and delivers three key values:

  • The highest performance, most scalable and resilient technology for mission critical core business and data workloads; leveraging a hybrid cloud model to optimize where and how clients deploy their IT landscape for Dev/Test and pre-production, disaster recovery and production.
  • Simplify hybrid, multicloud for greater agility and flexibility by delivering a similar IT architecture to what they have on-premise, allowing clients to seamlessly operate and move workloads from the cloud to on premises and vice versa. This means clients have the ability to optimize both their tactical and strategic decisions to run what they want, where they want, in their journey to cloud.
  • Choice of hybrid multi-cloud environment implementation from self-managed IaaS to fully-managed Power by IBM Services. The unmanaged flavor For clients that have the technical know-how to maintain and manage their own environments or a fully managed environment for clients that want to focus less on being a data center business and more on their own business.

There are three target use cases; (1) DR, (2)Production and (3) Dev/Test. You should attend if your answer to any one of the following questions is a yes:

1- Disaster Recovery (DR):

  • Do application server outages kept you up at night?
  • Is the cost of keeping a separate datacenter running just for DR not financially feasible for your business?

Disaster Recovery (DR) without double commitment - Currently, AIX and IBM i clients need to build out their own datacenter to ensure DR. Now, with the Cloud, they get those options at a more affordable cost. Now, ID workloads can fail over to public cloud Power resources in case of a disastrous or catastrophic event. This frees up overhead costs for clients by eliminating the need for maintaining a separate data center in case of an emergency. This means clients can use their own on-premises infrastructure more efficiently. It also reduces the cost of overhead resources by allowing clients to pay for resources when as needed.

2- Production application workloads in the Cloud:

  • Are you limited in an infrastructure model that can’t quickly and economically scale?
  • Considering alternatives for your AIX or IBM i workloads because its difficult to scale?
  • Are there times you need more capacity than what it takes to run your business?

Run enterprise level Power workloads on the public Cloud - AIX and IBM i applications are no longer restricted to on on-premise. Help clients build out a hybrid cloud environment with the ability to host their AIX and IBM i apps in the public Cloud.

3- Development and Test:

  • Is your internal process for assigning capacity to do dev/test with AIX or IBM i time consuming?
  • Is it difficult to find the capacity to dedicate for testing on premise?
  • Do you want to test out new versions of AIX or IBM i OS without putting your mission critical workloads at risk?

Test Power with AIX and IBM i in the public Cloud - Power Systems clients are risk averse when it comes to their workloads. A separated environment gives them the ability to test out new versions of operating systems, hardware or run development and stress testing in an isolated space.

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Amr Eid

Amr is a Cloud Architect with a broad range of skills. He has sharp skills in IT Architecture and extensive experience in Cloud Computing. Throughout his career, he has transitioned through different roles, now Amr is a Cloud Architect Lead. Amr advised, provided consultation and educated Partners, ISVs and software developers to build their solutions on the cloud.Amr holds a master's degree in Computer Science from Nile University (2019). ITI Diploma since 2003 and B.Sc in Computer Science (2001).

Hashim Barraq

Financial Crimes Insights Practice Manager – PKMEA

Mr. Barraq is a Financial Crimes Insights Practice Manager with SPS-PK, a technology company headquartered in Rockville, Maryland. He has eight years of professional experience with Technology, Ed-Tech and Auditing companies, where he has managed various business operations. Mr. Barraq has led multiple teams in strategic functions including Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Administration, IT Support, Contracts and Legal.

Mr. Barraq holds a BSc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University. He is the former Pakistan Operations Manager for SPS and was a Financial Auditor at BDO International. He has built and led the Sales and Marketing function at one of fastest growing Ed-Tech companies in Pakistan. He is currently leading the Financial Crimes Insights practice in SPS and advising other startups in the business development and operations.

Today, Mr. Barraq will be demonstrating an Artificial Intelligence-based system that is designed to identify and address fraudulent payment activity in real-time.