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Payment Fraud is unfortunately a burgeoning industry. In 2018, losses were estimated at $22 Billion worldwide. By 2023, Industry Analysts expect losses to grow to $48 Billion.

Find out how you can help to reverse this trend for your organization. Utilizing the latest in cognitive computing technology, IBM Safer Payments enables your fraud prevention teams to adapt faster to emerging threats and detect fraud with greater speed and accuracy without vendor or data scientist dependencies.

Let us share how financial institutions are dramatically reducing fraud levels by successfully leveraging the analytics and simulation tools needed to continuously monitor business performance and adapt the decision model to emerging and modified fraud patterns.

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Wade A. Lee

Financial Crimes Insights Practice Manager – US

Mr. Lee is a Financial Crimes Insights Practice Manager with SPS, a management consultancy headquartered in Rockville, Maryland. He is a senior business and information technology executive and leader with over thirty years of broad corporate and consulting experience. His extensive background includes business development, project management, and strategic planning.

Mr. Lee holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management, and has completed graduate work in Stanford University’s Design Thinking program. Mr. Lee holds a BA in Mathematics and Economics from Grinnell College. He has worked at such industry leaders as IBM, AT&T and Check Point Software Technologies, and has been a speaker at several national events.

Today, Mr. Lee will be discussing the role of Artificial Intelligence in fending off financial fraud - one of the fastest growing drains on today’s financial institutions. Learn how some of the leading financial institutions have leveraged the latest technology to get in front of this trend.

Hashim Barraq

Financial Crimes Insights Practice Manager – PKMEA

Mr. Barraq is a Financial Crimes Insights Practice Manager with SPS-PK, a technology company headquartered in Rockville, Maryland. He has eight years of professional experience with Technology, Ed-Tech and Auditing companies, where he has managed various business operations. Mr. Barraq has led multiple teams in strategic functions including Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Administration, IT Support, Contracts and Legal.

Mr. Barraq holds a BSc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University. He is the former Pakistan Operations Manager for SPS and was a Financial Auditor at BDO International. He has built and led the Sales and Marketing function at one of fastest growing Ed-Tech companies in Pakistan. He is currently leading the Financial Crimes Insights practice in SPS and advising other startups in the business development and operations.

Today, Mr. Barraq will be demonstrating an Artificial Intelligence-based system that is designed to identify and address fraudulent payment activity in real-time.