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Expand your data center capacity, consolidate data centers, or modernize aging on-premises infrastructure by migrating your VMware VMs to the cloud. Once in the IBM Cloud, you can modernize these VMware workloads at your own pace with Red Hat OpenShift container application platform and IBM PaaS services and APIs for AI, blockchain, IoT, analytics, and 200+ other services.

Join us and learn why IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions is the right cloud platform to migrate your on-prem VMware workloads. IBM has built a self-managed, dedicated VMware cloud platform that is based on a hardened design and provides higher levels of isolation, security and compliance. This enterprise-grade platform allows you to take advantage of the lower cost, speed and scale of cloud without sacrificing the root-level control over the hosted hypervisor and deep visibility needed for audit readiness. IBM provides a push-button-deployed solutions for VMware and our eco-system partners that automatically install and configure the VMware on IBM Cloud environment, which is metered and licensed through a monthly subscription. Understanding that many of our clients have existing VMware licenses, VMware Solutions on IBM Cloud is the only VMware Cloud Service Provider that enables Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) of VMware licenses. This eliminates customers having to pay for two of the same licenses.

You can lift and shift your VMware workloads from on premise into the cloud without having to rearchitect or refactor any applications and leverage the speed and scale of the VMware on IBM Cloud platform to achieve your capacity needs. Using VMware HCX to migrate your workloads, you can seamlessly extend your on-premise environment into the IBM Cloud without needing to Re-IP, change MAC Addresses, or security protocols. Since HCX is backwards compatible with vSphere 5.1., you can extend your lift and shift your legacy VMware environment into the latest hardware and vSphere versions without needing to change your network IPs. This significantly reduces the burden of migrating workloads, while enhancing application performance. Post-migration customers can maintain their stretched network to seamlessly enable a hybrid cloud between their on-premise data centers and IBM Cloud.

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Wael Kasrawani

Senior Cloud Solution Architect - IBM Cloud Platform

Wael Kasrawani is a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect within IBM Cloud. Wael has over 12 years of industry experience and certifications including IBM, VMware, AWS, Kubernetes. Wael is the technical lead for VMware on IBM Cloud MEA and with his depth of knowledge across the IBM public cloud platform, he has advised and led the cloud adoption of many large enterprises across the region.

Hashim Barraq

Financial Crimes Insights Practice Manager – PKMEA

Mr. Barraq is a Financial Crimes Insights Practice Manager with SPS-PK, a technology company headquartered in Rockville, Maryland. He has eight years of professional experience with Technology, Ed-Tech and Auditing companies, where he has managed various business operations. Mr. Barraq has led multiple teams in strategic functions including Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Administration, IT Support, Contracts and Legal.

Mr. Barraq holds a BSc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University. He is the former Pakistan Operations Manager for SPS and was a Financial Auditor at BDO International. He has built and led the Sales and Marketing function at one of fastest growing Ed-Tech companies in Pakistan. He is currently leading the Financial Crimes Insights practice in SPS and advising other startups in the business development and operations.

Today, Mr. Barraq will be demonstrating an Artificial Intelligence-based system that is designed to identify and address fraudulent payment activity in real-time.