Related products include:

All components within IBM Cloud for Telecommunications can be procured separately to fit a client's business needs.

IBM Edge Application Manager

Full-lifecycle edge management offering (built on Red Hat OpenShift) that helps create, deploy, run and scale business logic, AI/ML and analytics applications to edge nodes.

IBM Telco Network Cloud Manager

Unified telecommunications management solution offered by IBM and Red Hat to support network transformation for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) who want to increase automation and reduce their operations expenses (OPEX)-- provides network orchestration capabilities.

IBM Watson and Cloud Pak for Data

Ability to operationalize data anywhere and deliver innovative new AI-based services.

IBM Cloud Satellite

Cloud solution (currently in beta stage) that deploys IBM Cloud Services anywhere a client needs them, delivered as-a-service from a single pane of glass controlled through the public cloud.

IBM Cloud IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)

Full stack cloud solution which includes infrastructure, platform, orchestration and management to middleware.

Red Hat OpenShift

Open source platform that allows clients to migrate existing workloads while embarking on transforming to cloud native.