Why IBM Cloud?


One of the world’s largest operators of VMware workloads, with over 15 years of experience.


Right-size infrastructure and performance, with over 100 bare metal configurations.


Highest data security certification in the industry, with “keep your own key” (KYOK)

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Find answers to all of your frequently asked questions about IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions.


IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions has a variety of pricing options to move and modernize your VMware workloads.

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IBM Cloud offers multiple deployment options for VMware workloads, including add-on services.

Use cases

By selecting a use case, your organization can easily capitalize on the tremendous potential of the cloud.

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Introduction to VMware

A cheat sheet on VMware and how it is a crucial part of many enterprises' IT infrastructures

Virtualization explained

Virtualization is a process that allows for more efficient utilization of physical computer hardware

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Virtual machines versus containers

Learn how traditional virtual machines (VMs) differ from containers.