Use Case:  


patients in the UK (& in many other parts of the world) do not have a single repository where their entire medical data could reside – which transcends healthcare providers, geographical & temporal boundaries 

very few systems exist in the world where the patient is completely in control of their medical data 

even fewer systems – if any – exist where the entire healthcare experience is derived from the Patient-First principle 


The main founder of the startup is a healthcare professional who has been working with NHS in the UK for over 20 years. He deals with complex patients on a day-to-day basis. Based on his experience, he wanted to solve the above use cases. 




The patient either on his/her own or via their healthcare facility can register into the system. Once registered, they can upload their existing data manually or the data gets imported via different healthcare providers. One of the main ideas around which the system is being developed is an exceptionally intuitive user experience. The patient should feel comfortable even on their first interaction with the system. There is also an element of educating the patient as they move through the system. The healthcare professionals (hcps) get connected to the patient and the patient chooses as to which segment of their medical history they would like to share with the hcp and to what extent. There are other easy to use features that add value for the patient and the hcp connection such as setting up appointments, video conferencing, and even contacting the hcp via their secretaries. The system is continuously evolving to meet the needs of the hcps. All the patient data – no matter which healthcare facility the patient visited previously or how long ago – is available at one click to the hcp. They can use filters to dice and slice the data to glean important insights which can save valuable hcp time. Using unique features such as transcription or the ability to add clinical letters in one place makes this a one stop solution for all interactions between the patient and the hcp. 


The next versions will include incorporating other healthcare facility related processes and workflows into the system and for the system to be able to interface with existing such systems as well. 

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