IBM Insurance Fraud


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According to the Insurance Information Institute, the estimated cost of property and casualty insurance claims fraud is $32 billion in the US alone. And these losses are only growing.

Deter, prevent and intercept multiple types of insurance fraud with IBM Financial Crimes Insight for Claims Fraud.


Expedite claims fraud detection

Avoid payment costs and reduce pay and chase situations arising from insurance claims fraud.

Increase fraud detection accuracy

Ingest large data volumes. Improve decision-making accuracy and cut false positive alerts.

Improve productivity

Give your claims fraud investigators the needed data and analytics to assess risk in holistic context.

Uncover staged accidents

Identify ghost claims, exaggerated injuries, crash for cash and swoop-and-squat scenarios.

Feature spotlights

1. Stop claims fraud

  • Expand the observation space in your company, speed investigations and enable faster claims resolution for customers without impacting legitimate policyholders.

2. End-to-end across fraud lifecycle

  • Unify user roles on a common infrastructure and data store. Configure and integrate once.

3. Integrated into core processes

  • Continuous entity deep analytics. Scores claims for fraud risk directly in the claim workflow.

4. Attractive pricing options

  • On-premises deployment with a traditional license, to fully managed and hosted solution.

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