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What is IBM FileNet Content Manager?

IBM FileNet® Content Manager is a flexible, full featured content management solution that helps enable the creation of innovative business applications on any cloud to govern all enterprise content, automatically extract insight from unstructured content and dissolve content silos.
FileNet Content Manager delivers the deployment flexibility, performance and breadth of capabilities to help enable any enterprise to effectively manage all content — from any source. FileNet Content Manager is:

  • An industry-leading content services solution that provides the foundation for the IBM Cloud Pak® for Automation
  • A redesigned and rebuilt cloud-native, flexible, high performance solution that leverages AI to deliver deep insights from unstructured content, which can be deployed natively on any cloud and is fully integrated with the IBM Cloud Pak for Automation to automate knowledge work
  • An open, containerized content services architecture that is optimized for the design, configuration, deployment and maintenance of enterprise content application at any scale, freeing resources for additional strategic investments

With IBM content services built on FileNet Content Manager, you can deploy the most flexible, comprehensive, high performance content management solution as the foundation for your strategic business applications. By leveraging open architecture, IBM content services from FileNet are optimized for performance and total cost of ownership to provide federated capabilities that unify and enhance the value and productivity of existing IT investments. This makes it easier to work in a consistent, reliable and deliberate manner that creates and delivers optimal business value.


Save time and enhance business applications

Create innovative intelligent business applications with low-code developer tools and modern GraphQL APIs that allow the rapid integration of hundreds of discrete microservices.


Simplify and accelerate solution deployment

Leverage a modern cloud-native solution to develop content applications faster on any cloud, using this flexible container platform that simplifies and accelerates solution deployment and management.


Increase visibility and maximize productivity

Use an innovative AI business context engine to extract insights from content like unstructured documents, videos and more to boost operational visibility and maximize knowledge-worker productivity.


Product features

1. AI business context engine

  • Leverage modern AI tools to simplify and automate the process of developing intelligent information extraction projects.
  • Clients can use AI to automate tasks, like creating index fields and content types, that will be used to automatically classify and extract information from stored documents and content.

2. Low-code developer tools and GraphQL APIs

  • IBM FileNet® Content Manager provides a combination of low-code developer tools and modern APIs to reduce the time and effort required to build and integrate content services into business applications.
  • Low-code developer tools enable a broader set of users, such as business analysts and non-programmers, to rapidly prototype and build applications that embed FileNet services. Modern GraphQL APIs provide more efficient and intuitive access to FileNet services to simplify how developers integrate those capabilities into other business applications like CRM and ERP systems.

3. Cloud-native, optimized management and deployment

  • FileNet Content Manager has been fully redesigned, rebuilt and optimized for cloud-native deployment.
  • It now helps enable clients to deploy content applications faster on any cloud with a container platform that simplifies and accelerates solution deployment and management.
  • It is fully integrated as the content foundation for IBM Cloud Pak® for Automation.

4. Salesforce integration

  • IBM FileNet Content Manager Connector for Salesforce allows users to manage the lifecycle of documents in IBM FileNet Content Manager with seamless access from Salesforce.
  • Upload, index, edit, collaborate and govern essential sales or service content assets like price quotes, client emails, contracts, case files and more without requiring users to switch between applications.
  • With FileNet’s integration into back end fulfillment, contracting and onboarding systems, enterprises gain the ability to automate the care and handling of client documents that originate through Salesforce to reduce the time-to-revenue and increase overall responsiveness.

5. Enterprise video streaming

  • IBM FileNet Content Manager Connector for IBM Enterprise Video Streaming enables streamlined ingestion management and transcoding of video assets, along with optimized playback.
  • Users can manage the lifecycle of video content alongside other business assets while leveraging IBM Enterprise Video Streaming services for optimized on-demand playback based on device form factor and bandwidth without downloading video files.
  • Enterprises can use this new FileNet integration to provide consistent governance and unified secure access to video assets in a single content system. In addition, closed captioning and keyword search capabilities make video content easier to discover and provide valuable usage insights.
  • IBM Enterprise Video Streaming is available as a subscription service.

6. Mobile content capture

  • IBM Automation Mobile Capture extends the reach and value of IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, with out-of-the-box integration to FileNet and IBM Datacap.
  • This solution is available as an intuitive mobile app or an SDK for iOS and Android platforms.
  • It provides efficient and accurate transformation of distributed, unstructured content into actionable structured information.
  • On-device capabilities automate tasks for normalizing, extracting and validating data how, when and where users work best.

7. Comprehensive enterprise document management and governance

  • Leverage the proven federated content services capabilities of FileNet Content Manager to more securely, consistently and intelligently manage content from all repositories and file shares with a single, comprehensive and scalable solution.

8. Role-based redaction

  • Automatically redact documents based on the role of the requester to block out information according to the user’s specifications.
  • Get faster response time with FileNet Content Manager, which can facilitate immediate access to the right information.
  • Gain streamlined security and reduced storage and document management costs, as FileNet Content Manager keeps only the original document of record.

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