Cognitive, IoT and Analytics Fellowship and Training Program

SPS Coginitive, IoT and Analytics  Fellowship Program is a three to six month program intended for seniors and recent graduates of computer science and engineering  programs who are interested in expanding their cognitive, internet of things and analytics skillset to begin a career in this field. The program is not a coding bootcamp nor is it intended for novices to computer programming.   The program will include the opportunity to perform real code development on actual projects and/or the creation and programing of IoT device prototypes.

Features of the program:

  • An opportunity to specialize. Most school programs do not provide their students with industry-specific information and technical certifications – we will fill this gap.​
  • Industry-based and professional 1 on 1 mentoring. SPS will provide a counselor to help you choose a role and a mentor to create a custom program to prepare for it. Entering a new field can be difficult without talking to professionals in the industry – SPS has an ecosystem that will help any new individual with this issue
  • Training. Program Fellows may be to entitled to available cy bersecurity training at a heavily discounted rate.
  • Opportunity to get certified. These certifications are not only helpful for working in SPS but also in IBM or any of IBM’s 30,000 partners worldwide.
  • Office environment with client interactions. All fellows have the opportunity to work closely on projects and real-world problems with their advisor.
  • Resume enhancement. Coaches and other SPS employees will assist with making sure projects are in line with candidates’ long-term goals and will help resume-enhancement. 
  • Opportunity to work with SPS or become an instructor. Students who excel in an area may be considered for full time employment with SPS

Application Process

  • Fill out application on SPS website
  • Interview with the admissions team
  • Notification of status