Cyber Range Training

Train cyber warriors to fight threats in a real-world environment. SPS builds and delivers Industry-specific Cyber Range Courses for specific opportunities and for resale.   Your security pros gain proficiency by combating cyber criminals and learning to outsmart them. CISOs and security managers get a close look at the strengths and weaknesses of each individual, as well as gain a holistic view of the team. Security is often siloed — but during a cyberattack, your security pros have to act as a cohesive unit. Cyber Range training helps them learn to work as a highly skilled incident response team, and helps them learn the necessary skills that only repetitive learning can produce. In the Cyber Range, training is real enough to make user’s pulse race. Instead of static classroom learning, your team gets dynamic, hands-on training that tests their tenacity.

Rich scenarios library: With practice using a variety of simulated threat scenarios, your security team gains hands-on cybersecurity skills. We can also help you build customized cyber exercises using products in your network, so you can test your team under the actual conditions they’ll face. Our platform also allows you to create your own scenarios from scratch or to change any of the default as-built scenarios.

Simulations of common or unusual cyberattacks: Our cyber range scenarios emulate a network security breach exactly, by performing the attack using real live payloads detonated in a secure isolated environment. This gives you a true test of how your security staff will respond as individuals and as a team in the case of a live cyberattack.

Real-world traffic generator: The BreakingPoint traffic generator, an optional component of Keysight cyber range solution, is capable of simulating more than 490 real-world application protocols and sending strikes using a combination of over 60,000 attacks or malware. Your security pros will experience unfamiliar and hard-to-identify, as well as realistic and random traffic — just as they would on the front lines, during a live cyberattack.

Neverending threats or just for training: Your team needs continuous training to keep their skills sharp, collaborate effectively, and maintain your organization’s protection level.