My Eye Doctor

About the System

MyEyeDr. (or Business Eye) gives executives of optometric retail chain stores a bird-eye view of the day-to-day operations and customer activity at each of their stores. Using weather forecasts and sentiment analysis on data acquired from social media platforms, MyEyeDr. facilitates managers to remotely monitor and track their business across all retail outlets.


MyEyeDr. is a US-based company dealing in eye care and eyewear services since 2001. While their mission to provide exceptional eye care services began with one location, the tradition of providing outstanding vision health services for the whole family has continued to guide MyEyeDr. throughout the years. MyEyeDr. has grown and partnered with community-based, optometrist-led practices to provide unmatched eyecare services to patients across the US


MyEyeDr. needed a reliable solution to monitor customer and business activity at their retail stores allowing them to watch over their business from anywhere in the world. This solution would give detailed analysis of business activity of each store for any time period. It would help MyEyeDr. at a managerial level to make intelligent business decisions based on weather forecasts and customer feedback.


Data from MyEyeDr.’s customer database, weather APIs and social media platforms was acquired and calculations were made based on this data. Sentiment analysis was done to extract customer sentiments on various aspects of the service to develop the application.


MyEyeDr. (or Business Eye) is a web-based platform that retrieves real-time customer data from retail stores, weather APIs and social media platforms to carry out analysis that reinforces managerial business decisions made by store executives. The application is combined with weather forecasting APIs to generate appropriate warnings to the executives to take proper actions in case of adverse weather hitting specific stores. It also keeps an eye on social media platforms for the consumer sentiments and plots these sentiments live on the maps. All this combined becomes a very powerful tool for an executive who, while sitting in his/her office can not only visually see what is going on in the different stores but can also see the impact of social media campaigns & future weather forecasts all in one screen. Graphs and reports generated from this analysis helps develop patterns and make future projections about business easier.




The application facilitated business decisions made by managers at MyEyeDr and it helped them gain more insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their business which ultimately led them to generate better revenues.