About the System

MallsGoSmart is an iOS mobile application for notifying shoppers about the location and latest updates their favorite clothing stores, eateries or movie theatre at their go-to shopping arenas are offering as they shop.


This application was developed for the shopping centers which are a host to a multitude of (local and exported) brand outlets and wanted to drive up their revenues by improving customer engagement and satisfaction as they come to shop at the shopping place.


The objective was to find a solution to the tedious job of keeping track of where a brand store is located in large shopping places and what latest offers they are currently publicizing for a customer gone out for shopping. As work-life is getting harder and harder to balance with leisure life, customers at shopping centers certainly do not have the time to search each brand online before leaving for shopping. Furthermore, due to a sudden surge in the businesses of shopping centers, all sorts of brands and are opening up outlets therefore clogging public market places. This makes it even harder for customers to locate their desired outlet let alone find a good discount offer.


The solution is a mobile application that allows customers roaming at a shopping center to locate their desired stores via floor by floor map of the shopping arena. The solution used estimate beacons for event triggering and detection. Estimote Beacons are small devices broadcasting a Bluetooth signal that can be picked up by nearby devices (usually a smartphone). You can use beacons to tag those places and build an app that can scan for those particular items. The moment they’re detected on Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as iOS or Android smartphones, all kinds of events can be triggered.

Using MallsGoSmart, the user can also search for specific stores or choose a category e.g. Clothing brands (male, female, kids), eateries, electronics, health and fitness etc. and locate a store category-wise as well. The user can choose a store and view its details including any latest offers, telephone numbers, customer ratings, floor numbers etc.




  • Fast and convenient shopping solution
  • Time saving
  • Notifications about latest offers
  • Keep track of offers of brands located in one place
  • Review brand outlets by viewing ratings
  • Mark outlets as favorites