The GateKeyper client administer a business that concerns heavy equipment being used by professional operators. Their main concern was to architecture a system that covers the legal aspects of security and safety of their operators. The aimed system was to ensure that the equipment is being operated only by an individual who has a considerable amount of knowledge about the equipment and respective rules to operate the equipment.


The goal is to develop a GateKeyper Application that can be integrated with any telematics system or utilized independently. The GateKeyper Application will allow customers to utilize and manage the GateKeyper system without requiring them to change their current telematics provider. Also, it will allow companies to verify Operator’s knowledge before each equipment use. To verify their knowledge, customers can create GateKeyper Test for their equipment and operators via online portal. Operators clear a test using a mobile/tablet attached to the equipment before being able to turn on the ignition of equipment.


1. Independent Application:

a. The GateKeyper application (app) had to be an application that can easily be paired with any telematics. The app shall be able to connect with any equipment and control its ignition

2. Offline Mode:

a. The Offline mode will allow the application to work in remote areas where there is no or poor connectivity. The functionality is required because operators would sometimes have to work in such areas and the poor connectivity issue shall not hinder the operator’s work at such a location.

3. Communication between Application and Equipment ignition:

a. To connect a mobile app with equipment’s ignition was a challenge that required some time and efforts. It had to be ensured that the ignition of equipment is enabled only when the operator has correctly answered all the questions on the app. Otherwise, the app had to halt the ignition until operator successfully passed the GateKeyper test.

4. Railway track scenario:

a. The GateKeyper app locks the ignition until operator successfully answers all the questions on GateKeyper test. The app allows 3 attempts to the operator, if he fails all, then the app locks the ignition for 30 minutes. The whole scenario is critical when the operator needs to start an equipment on a railway track. The system should cater a scenario where if an operator is on the railway track then the equipment shall not halt the ignition.


The GateKeyper System incorporates a GateKeyper Admin that would manage the Customers. Customers are the owner of the companies having equipment (or Fleet Managers) that uses GateKeyper System. The Customer then adds the equipment and operators in the system and design GateKeyper tests for the operators, to verify their knowledge about the equipment. Once the operators pass the test, only then they will be allowed to start the equipment. Customer reports allow the GateKeyper Admin to have an insight about the customer’s billing details.


The designed GateKeyper System was a system that provided the Customers an authority to allow only a well-informed Operator to use an equipment. GateKeyper Admin could access to the GateKeyper System and can add multiple Customers in the system. Customers are then made responsible for allocating equipment to appropriate operators and making GateKeyper Test to verify an operator’s knowledge about the equipment. The Operators must answer every question correctly in order to start any equipment otherwise Bluetooth device shall block the ignition of the equipment. Every equipment comes equipped with GateKeyper Hardware which allow Customer to enter his answers before starting the equipment.

The GateKeyper System consisted of two Web Portals:

1. Admin Portal:

a. Admin Portal is an online web-portal accessible to GateKeyper Admin only. GK Admin can use this portal to manage the customers of GateKeyper and their billing. This portal will also allow access to all the functions available in Customer Portal.

2. Customer Portal:

a. Customer Portal is an online web-portal accessible to Customer Admins only. Customer Admins can manage their equipment, operators, tests and view reports using this portal.

  • i. Equipment: Equipment is anything that has a unique Chassis VIN and requires ignition. GateKeyper Mobile device having the application installed, is integrated with the equipment.
  • ii. Operators: Operators are the persons operating the equipment. Before starting any equipment, the Operators must correctly answer the questions on the GateKeyper Mobile Application to unlock ignition.
  • iii. Tests: GateKeyper Test refers to a set of questions that an Operator must answer correctly before using any equipment.
  • iv. Reports: Reports maintain logs of Equipment used, Operators related reports, analysis of the GateKeyper tests and Billing reports.