Over the weekend I got asked the best way to teach students the principles of Lean via Zoom.
One of the key lessons from our Educators Conference is that when teaching online complex information needs to be delivered to students in small, easily processed parts.
I realized that pre-pandemic I had put together a series of two-minute videos called “See Why.” They’re not only helpful for a formal class but for anyone who wants to review the basics. Here’s what I suggested they offer their students:

Lean in Context

No Business Plan Survives First Contact With Customers
How did we build startups in the past?

The Business Model

An introduction to The Business Model Canvas
The Minimal Viable Product
How to Get, Keep and Grow Customers?

How to Get Out of the Building and Test the Business Model

What is Customer Development
What is Customer Discovery and Why Do it?
Why Get Out of the Building?
A short article on how to do Customer Discovery via Zoom
Jobs to be done
Customer Validation
The Pivot

The Mission Model Canvas

What is the Mission Model Canvas
The Mission Model Canvas Videos