Complimentary Innovation Opportunity Assessment

Transformative technologies such as IoT, Cognitive, Analytics, and Cloud have placed the technology industry at an inflection point that will create more data in the next several years than in all of previous human history and create trillions of dollars of new business value. The disruption caused by this upheaval cannot be fully predicted, but it is clear that businesses will fall into one of the two categories, the disruptors, and the disrupted. At Software Productivity Strategists, our mission is to ensure your organization is in the disruptor column by embracing innovation. Our process starts with an Innovation Opportunity Assessment.  This two hour session includes:

  • A review of the transformative technologies creating the inflection point: IoT, Cognitive, Analytics, and Cloud

  • A review of existing use cases in your industry

  • Discussion with your stake holders about the business problems your organization faces currently

  • The roadblocks in your organization that can prevent innovation from occurring

  • Ideation about how IoT, Cognitive, Analytics, and Cloud can help address those issues

  • A Roadmap of next steps to take action toward innovation

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