Cognitive Security Management Services provide a comprehensive approach to Security, Compliance, and Risk within your organization. Using the Cognitive Security Manager Platform and SPS services that are custom-fit to your specific needs, we empower your CISO, CCO and CRO with better visibility, accountability, and control over these essential areas of your business. This approach allows better coordination of effort across these disciplines, helping your team create and manage a roadmap to a more secure environment. This visibility enables better communication with your executives and board members regarding the state of security, compliance and risk within your enterprise.


Enable the virtual CISO with security discovery, monitoring, SIEM configuration and optimization. Provides holistic visibility for all core security events and provides a roadmap for security improvement.


Activate your virtual CCO with security policy alignment, discovery, vulnerability assessments, compliance roadmap, and more. Your compliance team stays in the know with comprehensive dashboards and alerts.


Empower your virtual CRO with proactive incident response plans, business risk assessments, a roadmap for risk reduction initiatives, and a powerful dashboard highlighting Risk KPIs.

The price of a security breach is massive when you consider the collective loss of brand reputation, consumer trust, fines, penalties, remediation and stakeholder job losses. If your focus is only to compliance objectives, you're not putting yourself in a position to actively defend against emerging security threats and real breach attempts.

With our Cognitive Security Management Services we provide 24x7 monitoring, cognitive security AI, active response planning, security policy consulting and enforcement, along with comprehensive risk assessment capability to help your stakeholders properly understand the business impact of security, compliance, and related business risk vulnerabilities. We provide the accessibility & expertise to give your team confidence and visibility to your security infrastructure and management. Need extra support? Let us know and we can custom fit additional services to your specific needs, ad hoc, or long term.

Ready to gain a total view of Security, Risk & Compliance? Want to gain a better understanding of how a proactive approach can save money, reduce risk, and improve your team's productivity? Get started today with a free trial of CSM, we've got you covered.