SPS started business operations in 1993 to help organizations improve software development productivity. Since then we have added expertise in networks, systems, applications and database management systems. Today we describe our value-proposition with SCALE – Security, Cloud, AI, Learning and Events services.

Here is a chronological summary of our past twenty years.

Early 90s – Start of Application Development and CASE

  • Provided Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) consulting to Federal and commercial clients including NASA, IRS, SSA, TRW and Westinghouse.
  • Implemented SEI Capability Maturity Model to optimize software development environments and reduce defects.
  • Designed and Deployed Teamwork and HP Softbench.
  • Delivered training courses on UNIX and C Authorized as Instructional Services provider for Hewlett-Packard.

Mid 90s – Start of Network and Systems Management

  • Extended our application development expertise to network and systems design, deployment and management.
  • Assisted clients in the management of networks using HP OpenView Network Node Manager, Operations Center, PerfView, AssetView, GlancePlus and others.
  • Designed DNS and email architecture for US Navy Medical Worldwide.
  • Certified as an 8(a) by the Small Business Administration

Late 90s – Start of Internet Security & Web infrastructure Design

  • Extended our enterprise management expertise to internet security and web infrastructure design.
  • Developed and delivered training courses on internet security and web infrastructure design to consultants and clients worldwide.
  • Assisted clients in securing web infrastructure using HP Virtual Vault
  • Selected by IBM to provide consulting services on Vault Registry – the first Public-Key infrastructure product built by IBM using Entrust.
  • Delivered AIX and security courses for IBM Education.

1997 – Start of K-12 focus with Alexandria City Public Schools

  • Supported ACPS information systems including accounting, finance, HR and SIS on HP 3000
  • Secured Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) intranet using Raptor firewall
  • Organized ACPS users on Netscape Directory Server (which became Sun/one directory server and now Oracle directory server)
  • Managed ACPS network using HP OpenView Network Node Manager.
  • Provided HelpDesk support using HP Service Desk. What started as a small consulting task, turned into one of our key business relationships. Currently we hold a multi-year multi-million dollar hardware support and services contract for a Technology Integration Program with ACPS.  We have provided over $23M in sales and services to ACPS. The services include infrastructure design, deployment and support, helpdesk, project management and wireless notebook computers for teachers and students. 
  • Featured in local news articles as an important partner of ACPS

Early 2000s – Start of Virtual Learning focus with HP

  • SPS’s strategic relationship with HP Education evolved into a virtual learning partnership where SPS provided 24×7 facilitation and event management services worldwide for HP Virtual Room training sessions. Since then our team of certified consultants has delivered tens of thousands of hours of services per year. In 2005 Recording, Production and editing for virtual meetings were added to our portfolio of services.
  • Supported HP education in “Transformation into the 21st century” initiative by assisting in the conversion of classroom courses to web based online trainings.  Received special commendations from HP management on the quality of SPS project management and support
  • Added transcription services to our portfolio in 2010
  • Currently a team of SPS quality assurance professionals is providing ongoing software testing services for HP Virtual Rooms.

Mid 2000s – Renewed focus on Cyber Security & Information Assurance

  • Extended our expertise on firewalls and internet security into identity and access management.
  • Selected by HP to provide Select Identity and Select Access consulting and training to clients across the US
  • Authorized by IBM to provide Tivoli Identity and Access Manager consulting and training worldwide.
  • Today SPS information assurance consultants specialize in security Intelligence using QRadar, Application Security using AppScan, and database security using Guardium.

Late 2000s – Start of e-learning and Training as a Service

  • Extended our expertise in education to creation of custom virtual learning environments using Learning Management Systems including Moodle.
  • Improved our services delivery process by creating role-based and organization specific learning portals for customer technical personnel to capture institutional knowledge and reduce time to productivity for new hires.
  • Refined a hybrid delivery model in which our onsite consultants are assisted by remote subject matter experts. All implementation steps are recorded and made available in the learning portal for future reference.

Early 2010s – Start of Smart Infrastructure with Big Data and Predictive Analytics

  • Extended our expertise in infrastructure management to smart infrastructure by adding intelligent security management, network and systems management, storage management, endpoint management and application performance management leveraging big data and predictive analytics

2015 – SMILE - Security, Mobile, Infrastructure, Learning and Events services

  • Today, we are certified by IBM on SmartCloud including Control Desk and Application Performance Management.
  • Our infrastructure architects are assisting clients with planning and design of private and public clouds.
  • Our application development group is assisting clients with building mobile apps
  • Our Security consultants are assisting clients with securing their mobile infrastructure.
  • Google Enterprise Console Authorized for Chrome OS and Chromebooks

2018 – SCALE – Security, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Learning and Events Services

With the rapid integration of AI and Cloud, it has become imperative for companies to garner the necessary expertise to understand and fully use this technology. Keeping this in mind we have been offering the following services to our clients.

  • Our security consultants are helping clients in securing their overall infrastructure while also mitigating threat and providing secure access.
  • Our certified cloud expert is assisting clients in incorporating specific cloud technology into their network infrastructure.
  • Application development group at SPS have been helping customers in developing multi-platform applications.
  • For the past decade, our certified instructors have been providing virtual-led and self-paced courses, according to the need and requirements of our clients.
  • Our event management teams are helping third party instructors in organizing, recording, editing and capturing virtual events.

For more information contact SPS at 301-337-2290 or info@spsnet.com